Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gaza January '09 Memorial Exhibition

We are calling all people in Gaza at the time of the Israel attack to provide us with photos and testimonials of wounded or about dead relatives, friend or neighbours during the 21 day attack.

Let's look at some images from broadcasted media. It's terrific, but we know the reality is even worse.

we all know there're more blood & tragedies...

What we accept

Photos (any size, any quality) of wounded or dead relatives along with short description (use English or your own language) of the injury/death (for example 50 words describing when, where and how).

Videos: any length, any size or quality with or without audio of the above content.

We understood the pain that you are going through and would like to make those sacrification and lost to say more to US (the main backer) and the outside world. The tragic incident that Gaza people has just been through must not sleep into mere grievance or hopelessness.

Note: image of any graphic content is accepted, and actually encouraged. We want to see what you saw. Not like popular media letting us see want they want to show.

Our purpose

To hold an Open exhibition in Times Square - New York City and various established Universities.


Collection: From now to Fall 2009.
Exhibition: Fall 2009 to 26 Dec 2009 to mark 1 year of this horror, detestable attack.

How to send us

Please email your attachments to:
Peli Fleming - Event Manager
Gaza January 09 Memorial Exhibition

You can also upload to any popular file storing website like and send us the links.
And don't forget to inform your friends and neighbours about this event.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I'm a non-Palestinian. But I'm deeply sympathized with all the hardship that Palestine people is going through. You know what, more than half a century of increasing oppression you guys have been losing a lot of things. People around the world still working, enjoying and advancing their lives everyday. Where there's a war, everything is stopped. From the bottom of my heart, I hope to see an independent, whole and peaceful and prosperous Palestine country in my lifetime.

All the best wishes and hopes for Palestine people!